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Microsoft Image Composite Editor

Microsoft Image Composite Editor1.4.4

Create panoramas the easy way

Panorama images may seem difficult to create but, believe it or not, it's more a question of choosing the right stitching software rather than being artistically gifted.Microsoft Image Composite Editor is a photo editor that lets you create...
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  • by Anonymous

    would be good IF IT WORKED ON WINDOWS 7. worked fine for a few months did an upgrade today only to find it isn't windows 7 supported (so much for "Microsoft has promised to keep supporting Windows 7 until 2020" so now i am an artist who uses stitch an scan on a daily basis having to use sub par equipment.. complete con to make me get windows 10!!

  • by Anonymous

    BRILLIANT. One of the simplest and easiest of composite editors to use.

  • by Anonymous

    Awsome. Fast to create panoramas, but will still have to use a second program for further editing. Pros: Very fast to output a preview of the panorama. Sometimes compositions are even more accurate than payable software. Cons: Lack in editing features

  • by Anonymous

    Serious issues under W7 x64. This product has well-known and unaddressed issues running under Windows 7 x64. One of the most common issues is actually getting the program to launch. Often it does not, with no error messages. While the developers are aware of this problem, they have chosen not to respond to it in any way. True, it is free. But it gets a zero because I can't get it to work on 3 diffMore

  • by Anonymous

    Slick as Greased Glass!. I appraise real estate - so i can go from taking photos in small spaces where i can't back up far enough and sometimes i have the "big picture" view that may affect value. Ice does both - just fire away across the top, middle, bottom, as many "stripes" as you want and haul it all together in the compiler. Outstanding!